About The Shop

Arsenal Comics & Games is located in the heart of Ventura County right off the 101 freeway in Newbury Park.

But the origin of Arsenal Comics is a deeper tale than that…
It was the summer of 2014. It was a different time back then. Obama was president, children were playing a game called Pokemon, and the Simpsons was a popular television show. In Ventura, Timmy Heague was just finishing up a 10 year long research project in comic retailing and back issue sorting at a local shop when he ran into Paul Roman Martinez. Paul was busy creating his own self published comics and recounting sordid tales from the underbelly of the comic book publishing world to  small enraptured groups of school age children at comic conventions. Be it fate or providence, the two wandering souls were on a collision course with destiny. Timmy and Paul met in that summer of 2014 and developed an idea. And that idea turned into a thought, and that thought turned into a plan. That plan was to create a store where comic books were created, published, and then passed along to the people. Their hope was to build an oasis in the desert along highway 101 where gamers could gather and engage in Magic,  Heroclix, Dice Masters, or whatever games of chance and skill they chose to participate in. This place would become legendary, it was spoken in hushed tones among the comic book illuminati. It’s position in the pantheon of great comic book shops would be carved into a cyclopean piece of marble. The place that Timmy and Paul built, the place that became the people’s comic shop, that place is Arsenal Comics & Games.


  1. Saw your rag tag group at C4 handing out flyers and when I read the address just about pooped my pants . Finally a comic shop in my home town . Super Happy!

  2. Hey there, do you guys have any plans of branching into Cardfight Vanguard? We have a decent sized player base down the hill at CSU Channel Islands.

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